About me


Artists usually take inspiration from the culture around them; Nicolas Jebran adds to that inspiration his elaborate vision and endless dedication.

In addition to sourcing inspiration from Lebanon's rich history, and blending it with his everyday experiences, the designer wants to show, through his work, the joy and beauty of his home country. ‘We have fashion, we have beautiful women, we have culture, we have heritage, and we have a lifestyle, and it's something I want to show to the whole world,' says Nicolas Jebran, the Lebanese born haute-couture icon.

Jebran's infatuation with fashion sparked at a very young age; in the early 2000s he opened his eponymous fashion house in Beirut, launching his own line and marking a brilliant debut in his motherland with a captivating show in 2003 that he name "The Return".

This passion placed him today on top of the fashion world, turning him into a visionary couturier with a unique identity that inspired local, regional and international fashion designers who found in him an endless source of creativity and uniqueness. Famous for whimsical, outrageous designs, his creations pay homage to the feminine silhouette and are worn by famous pan-Arab and international stars. His dresses seduced royalties and pin-ups across the region and the globe. Gracing the red carpet, year after year, his masterpieces dressed Madonna, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Beyoncé and Jennifer Lopez who found in his design the glitz and glam they desired.

Today, Jebran is an eclectic, global phenomenon recognized internationally for beauty, luxury, elegance, uniqueness and eccentricity.